Edaleen celebrates anniversary in Blaine

By Katelyn Doggett

Edaleen Dairy’s Blaine retail store has only been open a year, but has quickly become a favorite among locals.

On September 2, Edaleen Dairy sales manager Dave Dodson spoke at the Blaine Chamber of Commerce meeting about the major successes of the Blaine store and its upcoming anniversary in October.

Even though Edaleen Dairy is known for its milk, the star of the show at the Blaine location is the ice cream.

“Milk sales [at the Blaine store] are great, but ice cream sales are outstanding,” Dodson said. “But selling ice cream is fun. The ice cream sales in Blaine continue to blow us away.”

Edaleen’s Blaine location has become the company’s number one seller of ice cream, Dodson said.

Edaleen makes more than 50 flavors of ice cream at its dairy plant, and a rotation of 16 flavors are available at the store for scoops, cones and milkshakes, or in quarts to go. On summer days, lines are known to wrap around the store, just so people can get a cone. When school gets out for the day, the place becomes packed and during special events, such as the Fourth of July, the store is a hot spot, Dodson said.

“By being in the heart of Blaine, Edaleen has really become part of the community and has created a local meeting spot,” Dodson said.

Being within a mile of the Canadian border is helpful for business, but locals are the main supporters of the store, Dodson said. Edaleen caters to the locals as much as possible because that’s what keeps the business alive, he said.

Edaleen explored various store locations in Blaine before settling on their current location downtown, which has shown to be a successful decision since locals frequent downtown, Dodson said. Within two months of the store opening, additional seating had to be added because all of the existing booths were constantly full.

“Edaleen really enjoys being part of Blaine, and is really grateful for the community’s response,” Dodson said.

The first Edaleen retail store opened in 1975 on Guide Meridian, and Edaleen now has four stores located in Blaine, Sumas and Lynden. A fifth store will open in November, but Dodson said the location would remain a secret until closer to the opening. However, he did hint that it would be located somewhere between Bellingham and Blaine.

Visit Edaleen Dairy’s Blaine store Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., at 458 Peace Portal Way.

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