Mowing a path to success

IMG_0472By Katelyn Doggett

Mike Andes remembers spending weekends pushing a lawn mower down the streets of Blaine and Birch Bay as a way to pay for college. Now graduated debt-free, Andes never expected to make a living off his business – especially at the age of 19.

At 13 years old, Andes began college at Western Washington University with plans to become a heart surgeon. During college, Andes started Andes Lawn Care with his older brother as a way to avoid taking out loans, but after graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in physical science, technology and whole body health care he decided to continue his business on his own as a way to continue making money and help out his family.

“My business is really more than just about money to me,” Andes said. “I always enjoy watching customers see the change we can make to their yards.”

Andes started his current business, Augusta Lawn Care Services, when he was 17, offering landscaping services. Recently, he jumped at the opportunity to expand his business.

On September 1, Andes took over Kenny’s Materials, a landscaping material supplier that closed last June after the unexpected death of the owner, Kenny Hull. Andes had used Kenny’s Materials for his landscaping supplies, and after Hull’s death, Andes decided it was time to expand his own business.

The new store and office is located at 5087 Lincoln Road in Blaine and will now provide both landscape materials for delivery and pick up and services.

Rock, gravel, soil and mulch can be picked up or delivered, and trees, landscape fabric and other gardening supplies can be purchased at the store. Services provided include mowing, pruning, tree and landscape work, pressure washing and more.

“We are a one-stop shopping center for all things lawn, landscape and outdoor related,” Andes said. “Blaine has needed something like this for a long time.”

With goals of expanding his business even further, Andes is working toward a Masters in business administration by taking evening classes at Western.

Andes grew up with financial struggles, and has always feared not being able to provide for himself or his loved ones. Using the fear as a catalyst for success, Andes said it motivated him to grow his business.

In the future, Andes plans to open multiple locations down Interstate 5, with hopes of opening up a new location on Guide Meridian as soon as next year.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own business,” Andes said. “I just didn’t expect this to be my life. I do love landscaping, but medicine will continue to be my passion.”

Call 360/350-5500 with any questions or to schedule services.

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