Letters to the editor, September 3- September 9

The Editor:

I’ve been crab fishing with my stepson this crab season. We have brought up larger crabs and crabs appear to be more plentiful, or we just got lucky. We docked our boat at the port docks, avoiding the public boat ramp congestion.

Having more free time, I had the opportunity to talk with fishermen retuning from fishing in Alaska. They said fish numbers were spotty and some fish were no-shows in their old fishing grounds. I asked these fishermen what happened to the starfish? Two years ago starfish were everywhere on bulkheads and pilings. Today you cannot find one stuck to any structure or rocks. The fisherman replied they had not noticed the disappearance of starfish until I mentioned it. They had very startled looks on their faces. How can a simple life form just disappear unnoticed?

Fish numbers decrease – what next will die? Oysters and shellfish? Dead seagulls are everywhere. Going into the Semiahmoo fuel dock I saw a dead seagull on the end of the dock.

Has our saltwater turned too toxic to support life? I miss seeing all the different colored starfish during low tides clinging to structures. Should more people be paying attention what is happening? How fragile is human life?

Charles Smith


The Editor:

I’d like to thank everyone in the Blaine and Birch Bay communities for helping the Blaine High School football team in our recent fundraisers. Thank you to everyone who purchased a discount gold card. Thank you to all players and parents for making the gold card sales a great success.

I’d also like to thank all of the local businesses that sponsored a banner to hang at home games. Thank you for the parents involved making these banners another successful fundraiser for our team. These funds help our program in so many ways.

We want to provide the best program for kids. We want our program to teach basic skills such as hard work and teamwork. We want to use our program to promote academics and help players get more prepared for life after high school.

These fundraisers help us provide a better program for our players. We will do everything we can to represent our school and our town in the best way possible this season. Thank you.

Jay Dodd


The Editor:

I read a three and a half page letter at a meeting last Tuesday evening that I thought made some very valid and important points.

Needs and wants – here are some of my thoughts on what one speaker talked about recently: needs are things like the mailing centers, gas, groceries, soap, medicine, etc. If you need something you drive to the mall.

Wants are fun things to do; look at towns like La Conner; Steveston, B.C.; Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C.; Leavenworth; Pike Place Market in Seattle; Santa Cruz, California; Old Town San Diego, California; Bisbee, Arizona; Sodona, Arizona; Deadwood, South Dakota; Moab, Utah; Seaside and Cannon Beach, Oregon; Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California and more.

These are places we like to go have fun, entertainment and enjoyment, glass blowing, art studios, museums, specialty food, candy and clothing shops, burger and fish and chip joints, handmade art, coin/antique stores, novelty stores, whale watching, fishing and etc.

All these towns are full of “want” types of businesses; the speaker says these cannot survive in town. I completely disagree – they are all thriving towns!

I guess as he is saying just load up downtown Blaine with mailing centers or don’t locate here at all.

With the views, prime location and incredible potential of Blaine, the entire length of Peace Portal could and should be “want” types of stores. If it were, downtown Blaine would be much more successful than it currently is, and of course preserve the biggest asset here, the views. If there is building on the water side of Peace Portal the roofs should be even with the street level, like in many waterfront towns.

There should be an ordinance saying mailing centers cannot locate downtown, folks can drive over by the airport and pick up their mail. With such beautiful views from Peace Portal, these storefronts should be reserved for “want” types of businesses.

Please support the few “want” shops that are currently struggling and add more fun businesses in downtown Blaine.

The more there are, the more of a draw and reason to visit.

Bill Becht


The Editor:

On September 9, CAP community meals will resume serving dinners each Wednesday at the Blaine Senior/Community Center, 763 G Street, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Community meals provide an opportunity for community members to connect with one another while enjoying a warm and nutritious meal provided by teams from local churches and other organizations.

There is no charge for meals, but donations are accepted. Everyone is invited. Please join us. For more information, email communitymealsblaine@gmail.com.

Becky Grasher, Community Meals director


The Editor:

On August 29, I had the honor to be part of the color guard from the VFW and American Legion that led the Birch Bay parade. In spite of strong and gusty winds that challenged the line of march, the parade passed groups of spectators all the way along the mile-long route from The C Shop to the base of the hill by the waterslides.

I was pleased to see a young man render a salute as we passed, and most of the crowd, especially our Canadian neighbors, come to their feet and remove their hats or otherwise render respect to the national colors. What I was sorry to see, however, was the number of our own U.S. citizens who simply sat and ignored their stars and stripes. It only takes a few seconds to get to one’s feet, remove a hat if appropriate, or place a hand over the heart – at least to stand respectfully.

Veterans are authorized to render a hand salute, even if in civilian clothing. This respect is not for the folks carrying the colors, but for the flag of our country and what it represents. For all those folks who did this, my sincere thanks. For the few that did not, please think about it.

Sandy Phillips


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