Waterslides to add indoor pool


By Steve Guntli

The Birch Bay Waterslides is planning to add an indoor pool to its facilities within the next few years.

At a meeting of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce on August 20, Waterslides manager Iain Buchanan announced
the plans.

Buchanan said 2015 has been the waterslides’ best year on record, and he is hoping to capitalize on that momentum by pushing the project forward.

“We’ve had an amazing year, and that gives us new opportunities moving forward,” he said.

Adding an indoor pool has been in the works for a few years. Buchanan said he started the permit process about three years ago, a process which is only now approaching completion.

Buchanan is looking for feedback from the community to determine how the pool will be used by locals, and how often. Feedback can be relayed by emailing him at iain@birchbaywaterslides.net or calling the waterslides at 371-7500.

Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce president Jeff Carrington threw the full support of the chamber behind the idea. Carrington said the indoor pool would be a valuable addition to the community.

One of the principal uses for the pool would be swimming lessons.

“Our kids need a place to learn to swim,” Carrington said. “It’s been a challenge in the past because of insurance reasons and the budgetary limitations of the parks district, but this is a valuable skill that kids in this community need to learn.”

Buchanan has also considered aqua therapy classes for seniors recovering from surgery, and a training space for a Blaine High School swim team.

The pool is just the first step in an ambitious plan to refine and expand the waterslides. Buchanan said he hopes to add a hotel and retail space to the facility within the next decade.

If all goes well, Buchanan said he will break ground on the new pool by 2017.

  1. It would be great to have a year-round indoor pool at the Waterslides. I would support water aerobics there if classes were offered at reasonable rates. Semiahmoo’s charges to use their pool are outrageous!


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