Train partially derails near Cherry Point

By Steve Guntli

The caboose of a train came partially off the tracks near Cherry Point on August 19.

The train was hauling 20 cars of petroleum coke, a coal-like byproduct of the oil refining process. No one was injured, and no harmful materials were spilled, according to BNSF Railways spokesmen.The train was going about 5 miles per hour when the caboose came partially off the rails. The three-person crew was taking the train to the Elliot Yard switching area south of Aldergrove Road when the caboose came loose.

BNSF investigators are still looking into how the caboose came off the track.

The derailment happened late in the afternoon on August 19. Since the train wasn’t impeding the main line, engineers decided to leave the train until morning. The caboose was set back on the tracks at 7 a.m. on August 20.

  1. Caboose? I haven’t seen a caboose on a train in years! Are you sure it was a traditional caboose, or is BNSF trying to downplay the potential seriousness of the derailment by calling the last car in the train a caboose?!

    • Mr. Yirak
      Quite a few railroads still use cabooses however they are usually on local trains and only certain crews use them. In the old days it was long haul trains that now use EOTs or DPU
      Elliot Yard is one of the locations I have seen use a caboose


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