Chamber discusses signage

Photo by Katelyn Doggett

Photo by Katelyn Doggett

By Ian Ferguson

Blaine city staff and city council members attended a Blaine Chamber of Commerce meeting to talk about signage in Blaine with local business owners.

The August 12 meeting was open format with informal discussion about what signs would improve the downtown area, what the business community wants to see in terms of signage and suggestions for the city’s sign laws.

Mayor Harry Robinson asked those attending to come up with three priorities the city should begin working on, and the business owners ultimately made some suggestions. They asked for a large, attractive pedestrian map to be placed in the empty plaza at G Street, and directorial signage pointing out directions to amenities such as the public pier, the business district, parks and the scenic route along Peace Portal Drive. The directorial signs would be placed at the roundabout at the north end of Peace Portal Drive and at another point further south along Peace Portal Drive.

Some asked for the city to simplify its sign code. Others asked the city to provide business owners with a one-page handout showing what is allowed.

Ron Snyder pointed out that although many local business owners seem to be looking for reasons their businesses aren’t thriving, they must remember that Blaine is a small town.

“Do your demographics,” Snyder said. “If your business serves a need, it will last. If it serves a want, it probably won’t. So it’s not about signage, although I think we can do better on signs. It’s about the choices we make as business people before we open our doors.”

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