Man facing charges for 2011 Blaine shooting

Steve “Silencer” Ibarra, 21, is facing attempted murder charges for a drive-by shooting in Blaine nearly four years ago.

This week, Ibarra finished a three-year sentence in state prison for another shooting in Bellingham. He was transferred to Whatcom County Jail to face charges in a shooting from December 4, 2011 near the Golden Nut Factory on Odell Road.

In 2011, Joe Anthony Guevara-Medina, then 20, was finishing up his shift at the Golden Nut factory when he found his tires were slashed. He called his mother for a ride. Shortly after he hung up the phone, a pickup truck drove around the corner. A passenger opened the door and fired a shot, striking Guevara-Medina in the chest. He survived his wound.

Ibarra, a member of the Brown Pride Surenos gang, has been a long-time suspect in the shooting. Three men were convicted for the shooting in 2012, and though it was believed Ibarra was the gunman in the case, the prosecutor declined to file charges until his previous sentence had been served.

Guevara-Medina, a member of the 18th Street gang, told police the two gangs had been fighting since a shooting at the Northwest Washington Fair a few months earlier.

Ibarra was arrested in April 2012 and later found guilty of the attempted murder of another rival gang member in Bellingham. Prosecutor Dave MacEachran said he expects charges of attempted murder in the first degree will be filed against Ibarra this week.

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