Ragnar Relay Northwest


Photos by Steve GuntliRagnar_SG-14

A wave of runners takes off from Peace Arch State Park for their leg in the Ragnar Relay, a grueling, 200-mile  relay race from Blaine to Langley on Whidbey Island.


“The Ladies From The 80s” team from Snoqualmie wore matching outfits and performed a choreographed dance routine at the starting line.


An Elvis impersonator runs down Peace Portal Drive near G Street Plaza.

Ragnar_SG-7“Colonel Angus on the Ragnar!” pose for their group photo in a portable toilet.


“Green Lakes and Ham” from the Seattle Green Lake Running Club.


One running team came dressed as characters from the video game “Super Smash Bros.” Shown here, a runner shows off his custom Mega Man costume.

Ragnar_SG-17A ninja-masked runner crosses the parking lot.


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