Letters to the editor, July 16- July 22

The Editor:

In order to teach our children civic responsibilities they will need to witness and understand the importance of exercising the right to vote. When the future of who our children will become is at stake it requires community support in order to succeed. I know this is possible to achieve in Blaine being married to a native Borderite.

Having three young children motivates me to run for the school board to ensure the Blaine schools are competitive in the advantages they can provide our children. Please take the time to vote in this upcoming election and let your vote help shape the community we love.

Jesse Creydt 

Blaine school board candidate

The Editor:

Recently a letter writer, Gordon Jonasson, wanted to know if “opponents [are] fearful of what the science and facts will show about Gateway’s impact?”

I wondered if Mr. Jonasson was afraid, himself, of stating that the “Gateway shipping terminal” he mentioned is proposed to be the nation’s largest coal terminal, storing 2.5 miles of coal in uncovered 60-foot-high piles near the shore of the Salish Sea, bordering Ferndale and Birch Bay and exposed to our unpredictable and often gusty Pacific Northwest weather. Was he fearful to disclose that it is a coal terminal that could pollute our water and lands, and will introduce a far greater dispersal of diesel and coal dust particulates into our air for us, our children and the elderly and sick in our communities to breathe?

Was Mr. Jonasson frightened to reveal that the Lummi belong to a sovereign nation and that their treaty rights are secured to them by the United States Constitution, are considered the supreme law of the land, and that the Lummi feel the Gateway Pacific coal terminal will substantially impair their treaty rights? Was he worried to note that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a federal agency with a trust relationship to ensure the protection of the treaty rights of the Lummi Nation?

On a different, but possibly related topic, I wonder if another letter writer from the same week, Mark Nelson, felt skittish about telling people that the charter review commission only spent 23 minutes discussing their charter amendment for district voting, hearing only four people’s public testimony regarding that amendment before they voted to put it on this November’s ballot. Did he feel intimidated to report more frankly that the Whatcom County Council actually did not overturn district voting but only voted to put an amendment on the ballot in 2005 to allow the voters themselves to overturn district voting after they had tried it for an election cycle?

Dena Jensen

Birch Bay

The Editor:

I attended this year’s wonderful fireworks display, as I have many years in the past as a long-term resident. As always it was an amazing show up until the point where an unattended young boy ran me down on his bike from behind on the sidewalk by riding downhill too fast. Over a week later I’m still nursing my physical wounds. I want to remind people that with amount of traffic at these events, to please watch out others or leave the bikes at home. It could be worse to the next person it happens to. Thanks again for the show!

Ruth Griffin


The Editor:

I am seeking people who have memories and/or artifacts of the Blaine area from the 1950s through the 1970s. I would like to interview you and take pictures of any artifacts. I am most interested in memories and artifacts of Loretta Lynn and places she sang. Also I am interested in anything about the Blaine U.S. Air Force station.

I want to make a short history of the above, either on the Internet or in printed form.

I can be contacted at either 360/739-1028 or online at jimzellwa@aol.com.

James E. Zell


The Editor:

Primary election ballots will be in the mail on July 15. Blaine’s own Bobby Briscoe is a candidate for port commission from our district 3. As a 40-year commercial fisherman, Briscoe has called on many west coast and Alaska ports. From experience he knows good port management and practices. Providing infrastructure and support for working vessels will also attract and preserve good jobs associated with the maritime industries. Please vote for Bobby Briscoe.

Alice Brown

Birch Bay

The Editor:

On Friday, July 10, 2015, which was a beautiful, sunny evening, we attempted to take an out-of-state guest to the Friday Night BBQ at the Semiahmoo Resort per their advertised barbecue schedule. We arrived shortly before 6 p.m., the scheduled, appointed dinnertime.

Upon arrival, the buffet was all set out on tables outside on the patio. While our guest and one of us located a table to be seated, the other looked around to find where to pay for the dinner tickets, which could not be found. Eventually, we flagged down a Semiahmoo employee and inquired as to where to pay for the dinner. She said, “This is a private event.” We inquired, “Where is the Friday Night BBQ,” and she said, “They bought it out. If you want dinner, you will have to go to Packers or the Pierside Kitchen.” Not wanting to go to either place, we left.

The main reason for attending the barbecue is for the ambiance: being outside, the sun and the live band music. We did note that most people were wearing big ID tags on lanyards and a few with wristbands. Consequently, Semiahmoo obviously had a convention or conference going on that they sold the barbecue out to and never notified the public that it was sold out and closed. There were no signs posted at the BBQ that it was sold out.

When we came home, we rechecked The Northern Light and checked their website. There was no notice that the barbecue was sold out. With the convention/conference, they would have known well in advance of Friday night that they had sold out the barbecue. They should have notified the public, because July 10 was listed on their regular barbecue schedule.

The bottom line is that one can drive out to Semiahmoo expecting to attend their barbecue or clam bake and you have no way of knowing it is closed to the public until you get there and ask. Of course, one could always call first to check; that is assuming whoever answers the phone would know. Prospective diners beware!

Alan and Kathy Watts


The Editor:

The citizens of the Blaine school district have an opportunity to help improve our schools in the coming primary and general elections.

At the foundation of our schools is the guidance and leadership of the school board and its members are the building blocks that lead to better schools for all our children. It is for that reason that I strongly encourage everyone to vote for Jesse Creydt for the school board. Jesse has the education and background and will listen and communicate with parents regarding their concerns. He has young children attending Blaine schools that will help him be informed as a parent and bring the current leadership qualities we need.

Jesse is a firm believer that the strength of our schools is at the heart of the strength of our community. He understands that Blaine students will have the best opportunity for success based on the quality of education they receive. I’ve had the privilege to get to know Jesse and his vision for our school students and families and feel strongly that he brings to the table the best in qualities to do the job. To support Blaine schools, parents, teachers and programs please vote for Jesse Creydt for the Blaine school board, third district.

Pat Jerns


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