City encourages less water use during heat wave


Due to record heat and high water usage, the city of Blaine is encouraging all local citizens to ration their water use until current conditions moderate.

According to the city’s department of public works, the city is experiencing record-breaking water use. The typical range is between 2 to 2.4 million gallons per day. Water usage so far this summer has been much higher. On June 28, the city reported a daily high of 3.7 million gallons. The public works department is urging citizens to cut back on water use so the water flow for fire hydrants will not be affected.

Voluntary watering schedules have been in place since June. The schedule restricts watering for houses with even-numbered street addresses to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and those with odd-numbered addresses to Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. There is no watering on Mondays.

The city has begun sending out notices to customer who have been using more than their standard allotment of water. Birch Bay Water and Sewer District, Blaine’s largest wholesale customer, is also sending out notices to its customers.

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