Blaine Police reports, June 25- June 30

June 25, 7:30 a.m.: A CBP field agent notified the Blaine Police Department when he was flagged down by a citizen who had observed a suspicious man walking to and from a spot in an open field near Boblett Street and Odell Road. The passerby had checked the location afterward and found a large hypodermic drug-use kit containing about 50 unused syringes, a tie-off band and a box of candy. The suspect was no longer in the area when police arrived; he is possibly transient and living place-to-place in a van. Officers destroyed the paraphernalia and are looking for the man.

June 25, 8 a.m.: A resident called to report an ongoing problem with two dogs that have been running uncontrolled around the Salishan Park neighborhood for the past few days. One canine is a black lab and the other is a Chihuahua. The Whatcom Humane Society was notified and will have animal control officers assisting police in watching for the animals.

June 25, 2:30 p.m.: A resident came to the police station to report that, sometime during the previous night, someone had punctured his car’s tire with a knife while it was parked by his home. The vandalism is under investigation.

June 26, 11:49 a.m.: A police officer was nearby when the fire department was dispatched to a bark fire in the 5400 block of Snow Goose Lane. The officer arrived and found that the person who discovered the 1-foot diameter blaze had already successfully extinguished it. Fire units arrived and saturated the bark with water to prevent a flare up.

June 26, 2:53 p.m.: A hotel patron called police when he discovered he had been victimized by a theft. His car had been parked overnight in the main parking lot with his bike locked in the car’s bike rack. When he returned to the car he found the bike was still secure, but someone had stolen its seat and saddlebag. The loss is estimated at $25, and is under investigation with the business’s security office.

June 29, 10:10 a.m.: A resident called to report two teenagers playing with a firearm near her home. The incident suspects turned out to be a mother and her 5th grade son playing with an appropriately marked toy gun in a vacant lot, and no crime had occurred.

June 26, 6:10 a.m.: A person approached an officer at a business and turned over a purse containing several passports and a wallet with credit cards which had been found on a bench nearby. The officer was able to track down the thankful owner of the purse and return it to her intact.

June 26, 10:31 p.m.: Blaine Police and the fire department responded to a report of a dumpster fire in the alley south of the 300 block of H Street. The fire department extinguished the fire. Firefighters stated that the fire was most likely started by a combination of heat and flammable chemicals that had been thrown into the dumpster and it did not appear to be intentionally set.

June 28, 2:40 p.m.: Police responded to the city-owned property at the east end of Pipeline Road on a report of off-road motorcycles trespassing in the area. Officers contacted the riders, who had been hoping they could practice their sport without drawing attention. They were given a trespass warning and left the area.

June 28, 8:50 p.m.: Police received a call from a concerned citizen about a stop sign down at Blaine Avenue and Alder Street. Officers checked the sign and found its post had been sheared off at the base. Blaine Public Works was advised of the problem and will replace the sign.

June 28, 9:55 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a dispute between two neighbors. Officers arrived to find one resident believed a neighbor had thrown dog droppings into her kiddy pool. The neighbor denied targeting the pool but admitted to returning the putrid presents the pool owner’s dog kept leaving on his lawn. Both sides were counseled about allowing dogs to be at large and malicious mischief

June 29, 12:27 p.m.: After the weekend, a man returned to his unattached garage to find that someone had burglarized it. The thief stole a couple of floor jacks, a pair of bolt cutters and a box of rubber gloves. Case under investigation.

June 30, 9:56 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to the corner of H and Mitchell Street for a car that hit a juvenile on a bike. The bicyclist had been riding against traffic on the sidewalk and the motorist did not see him when she made a turn into a driveway. The bicyclist suffered a scraped shin. He was checked by medics and released on scene. There was no damage to the car.

June 30, 10:55 a.m.: A man called the Blaine Police Department to report that someone entered his unsecured vehicle in the 700 block of F Street during the night and stole his car stereo. Case under investigation.

June 30, 3:08 p.m.: A passing driver flagged down a patrol officer to report a man was chugging liquid from a whisky bottle while fueling up his car at a nearby gas station. Police stopped the suspect car a few blocks away, and determined the liquor bottle was actually iced tea.

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