Donor to match funds for Boys & Girls Club charity

By Katelyn Doggett

An anonymous donor has agreed to match any donation up to $10,000 to the Blaine Boys & Girls Club annual One Campaign through July 9.

All donations must be received from the 98230 zip code in order to be matched. While this is part of a national campaign, the Blaine club’s goal is to raise at least $20,000 – half from Blaine residents and half from the donor.

The donor is an “anonymous gentleman” who lives in Blaine and wants to motivate other Blaine residents to get more involved and give back to the community, said Blaine Boys & Girls Club branch director Lynn Schreiber.

“It’s such an opportunity to have somebody willing to donate that much money,” Schreiber said. “I’m just stunned.”

Eager to help out, the donor’s daughter took $5 from her piggy bank and donated it to the campaign, Schreiber said. The daughter uses the Boys & Girls Club for sports and is involved in programs at the Blaine club.

Schreiber said money raised by the Blaine club through this campaign will be used for operating expenses such as running special programs, staffing and funding the new healthy meal plan for children implemented earlier this year.

“Blaine is capable of raising the money, now we just have to get people onboard and aware,” Schreiber said.

The One Campaign is a yearly, national campaign that runs for nine weeks. The campaign aims to start a one-on-one conversation with community members about why it is important to donate to Boys & Girls Clubs and help children make better choices, Schreiber said.

To donate to the One Campaign, mail checks to the Blaine club at 635 8th Street or drop off donations at the club from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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