Blaine Police reports, May 27- May 31

May 27, 10:23 a.m.: A Blaine Municipal Court judge ordered the arrest and detention of a Blaine resident on a warrant and a court commitment to jail. Police took the 22-year-old man into custody, and transported and booked him into jail.

May 27: 11 a.m.: Police received information from dispatch reporting that a person believed to live in Blaine was texting a friend making statements about committing suicide. Officers checked the Blaine residence where the victim might be staying, but found she was not there. The search continued, and dispatchers and family located the person’s current address in another city where she was contacted and provided assistance.

May 27, 2:56 p.m.: A resident called police after discovering that more than 200 bottles of various wines had been stolen from the storage area in the basement parking facility at his condominium building. The theft had occurred in the past 24 hours, and officers are investigating. The value of the product is estimated at over $7,000.

May 28, 10:27 a.m.: An officer responded to traffic safety complaints from area residents and conducted speeding enforcement on H Street Road west of Valley View Road. The driver of one of the vehicles he contacted for speeding was driving despite his motoring privileges having been suspended by Washington state. The man was issued a criminal citation for the licensing violation and an infraction for speeding.

May 28, 8:48 a.m.: Blaine Public Works advised police of a right of way encroachment occurring in a residential alley. A family whose yard was adjacent to the alley had unwittingly expanded their landscaping about 3 feet into the 17-foot wide right-of-way, potentially impacting full use of the lane. An officer met with the residents and advised them of the problem. They were very apologetic and arranged to immediately to begin realigning their gardening improvements with the technical edge of their property.

May 28, 9:21 a.m.: Police received and responded to a report of a domestic dispute occurring in the street in a residential neighborhood. On arrival the officers ensured the parties, adults and children were separated and no crimes except disorderly conduct had occurred. The principals agreed to behave more civilly to one another and their neighbors and conduct their discussions in a more private setting at a lower volume.

May 28, 9:58 a.m.: Police responded to the 200 block of C Street where two loose and excited dogs were running around uncontrolled and off leash, barking and scaring people. An officer and neighborhood residents corralled the canines into a police car, and they were transported to meet with an animal control officer who took custody of them.

May 28, 4 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to contact a business where an ex-employee was yelling at the manager. On arrival they learned the visitor had just left, and he was angry because he had returned for the second time in two days to pick up his final pay and learned it was not yet ready. Officers helped mediate as solution including the specific time and circumstance in which the former employee could return and receive his money.

May 28, 7:05 p.m.: A Blaine resident called police to report a loose dog. An officer responded to the area and located the dog several blocks away. He was able to secure the animal until animal control arrived.

May 29, 9:16 a.m.: Police and fire teams responded to a resort complex on a report of activated fire alarms and smoke in the building. The responders arrived and assisted maintenance staff with searching the facility. The problem was traced to a failed compressor in a decorative water fountain. Police cleared the scene as sufficient fire crews had arrived and it was clear that the resort’s staff had the care of their guests well in hand.

May 29, 12:05 p.m.: An officer conducting traffic safety enforcement on Semiahmoo spit stopped a vehicle for speeding. During the contact he found that the Bellingham resident driver’s privilege to drive was suspended in South Carolina. The Interstate Licensing Compact upholds any state’s driving suspension in all states, and the motorist was cited for both the speeding and licensing violations.

May 29, 1:41 p.m.: A Blaine officer conducting speed enforcement along Peace Portal Drive stopped a motorist driving 64 mph in the well-posted 35 mph zone. The officer also found the state had suspended the person’s privilege to drive in Washington. After processing the 32-year-old B.C. resident was released with a criminal mandatory appearance date for the license violation and an infraction for her excessive speed.

May 29, 3:15 p.m.: Blaine Primary School called police soon after school when they learned that an 8-year-old girl had left the campus on foot to attend a nearby friend’s home birthday party, but had not arrived. Officers immediately began searching the area. After several minutes everyone learned that the youngster had ended up at the home of a different friend a few blocks distant. An officer met her there and she and her present got a ride back to the school office to meet up with her parents.

May 29, 8:52 p.m.: Blaine Police responded when maintenance staff saw suspicious activity on the school district grounds. The investigation located a smashed window in the door leading to the Technical Arts building at the campus. It appeared that the suspects were breaking in to the office but were scared off by a passing employee. Video evidence is being reviewed and the case is under investigation.

May 29, 10:35 p.m.: Blaine Police responded to a report of a disorderly and hostile individual at a bar. The intoxicated and disruptive man refused to leave the business as ordered even after the police interceded and after a taxi was called to provide him a ride. Ultimately when all efforts at détente failed the Custer resident was arrested, a process that he resisted. The man was booked into jail for criminal trespass second degree, obstructing a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct.

May 30, noon: A woman reported the theft of her unsecured three-wheel bicycle from its parking/hiding spot behind a business she was visiting. The bike is Trifecta brand, red in color with the basket on its back, and will cost the victim more than $200 to replace. Case under investigation.

May 30, 9:20 p.m.: A person called to report what appeared to be an abandoned inflatable boat pulled up on the beach in the county park in Semiahmoo. The boat had a loaded spear gun and a bag of diving equipment and various fishing gear inside. The caller had watched the boat for several hours to see if anyone would return, but no one did. The reporting party was concerned that a passing child might pick up the spear gun. An officer took the spear gun and the diving equipment and placed it into safekeeping at the police department. U.S. Border Patrol agents were advised as well.

May 30, 9:35 p.m.: Blaine Police was dispatched to a domestic dispute occurring inside of a parked motor home. The officer responded to the area and found the motor home was leaving the area. The officer contacted the occupants and determined an assault took place. The primary aggressor was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

May 31, 11:30 p.m.: Police responded to a report of an altercation that was about to become physical in a downtown bar. Officers arrived and separated the people involved. Two men had been told to leave the bar and were refusing. Officers convinced the two to leave and return to their boat, which was moored in Blaine Harbor. When the subjects left, officers cleared without further incident.

May 31, 1:20 p.m.: Dispatch reported receiving 911 calls from a residence but no one was on the line and the communications center was unable to call back into the home. Police responded to the house: the three young kids inside were hesitant to answer the door so the officers waited until their parent came downstairs to appear on their behalf. She advised the calls had been a prank by one of the children. Household discipline was being arranged as the officers returned to the work that was interrupted in order to check the family’s safety.

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