Blaine Police reports, May 7- May 12

May 7, 12:45 p.m.: In 2001 a gentleman was arrested in Blaine for driving under the influence. He failed to take care of the charge in court. Fast-forward 14 years, when Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Peace Arch Port of Entry contacted him as he entered the U.S. They found the arrest warrant that had been issued for the absconder and called a Blaine police officer to the scene. He confirmed the warrant was valid and arrested the now 39-year-old motorist. The man was booked into jail to ensure he met with a judge this time, and his car was impounded, as no licensed driver was available.

May 8, 10:25 a.m.: A resident called police upon discovering a large RV battery and its cables had been stolen overnight from the travel trailer parked by their residence. An officer completed a report and all patrol officers were notified of the taking for extra patrols. He was not able to identify any suspects in the theft.

May 8, 10:45 a.m.: An officer was dispatched when members of a church arrived to discover someone had apparently entered the building during the night. Officers were meeting the reporting parties in the church parking lot when the male transient who walked out of the sanctuary to join them confirmed their suspicions. The 29-year-old traveler had entered the church overnight seeking shelter and food and appeared to have other challenges including several arrest warrants, one of them from Blaine Municipal Court. The officers concurred with the church members about the exigent circumstances and did not arrest the man for burglary, and passed on a trespass warning to visit only when regular church functions are in progress. He was however arrested on the warrants and transported to receive food and lodging at the jail.

May 8, 11:33 a.m.: A resident on Hughes Avenue spotted two vehicles, one a small tan car and the other a black SUV, cruising through the neighborhood, stopping in turn at each set of rural mail boxes on the street. The resident spoke with the occupants, who claimed they had been hired to clean out all the newspaper-delivery boxes in the area. The resident called the newspaper, who called back about an hour later to confirm the resident’s suspicion that they had not hired anyone to do that. The homeowner called police as it was possible the people had actually been emptying mailboxes. The suspects had left the area by that time and were not located in town, and all patrols were advised.

May 8, 6:05 p.m.: A resident on Vista Terrace called police to report the theft of a portable generator. The Yamaha 2,800-watt unit is blue in color and valued at $2,400. They had placed it in their carport a day or two earlier while they prepped their travel trailer for a camping trip. Officers interviewed a neighbor who remembered seeing a slender white male in his 20s walk up to the victim’s house earlier in the day. Police are investigating.

May 8, 6:30 p.m.: A resident on Clyde Street called police when he discovered that two RV batteries, valued at $300, had been stolen from the trailer parked at his home. He found the theft when the noticed the straps securing the external battery compartment had been cut, and knows they were intact the previous day. Officers are investigating.

May 8, 7:30 p.m.: A business reported a customer came into the business to pay for gas with a counterfeit U.S. $50 bill. An officer contacted the person who passed the counterfeit. He said he received the counterfeit bill from his dad who is a taxi driver in Canada and he got it from one of his customers. The officer confiscated the counterfeit bill and sent it to the U.S. Secret Service.

May 9, 1:45 a.m.: CBP officers at the Peace Arch port of entry called police when an inspection revealed a Washington resident motoring back into the U.S. had a suspended driver’s license. A Blaine police officer responded and confirmed the serious first-degree suspension. The 58-year-old Arlington man was arrested and booked into jail.

May 9, 6:35 a.m.: Police responded to a residence on Alder Street on a call that a domestic violence assault had occurred there the previous evening. They found a woman had been beaten over the head, back and arms in the attack. She was in so much pain the following morning that she went to the hospital, and called police for help after being treated and released. The investigating officer arrested the woman’s husband for domestic violence assault and booked him into jail. The victim was placed in contact with a domestic violence advocate and provided information on available resources.

May 9, 9:31 a.m.: A passerby reported seeing an older white-colored dog running loose in the neighborhood, and the responding officer found the canine had no collar or tag and was happy to take a ride in a police car. No one called for the animal and it was released to the Whatcom Humane Society.

May 9, 10:30 p.m.: Blaine Police assisted U.S. Border Patrol agents contacting a man observed trespassing along the railroad tracks near Marine Drive. The 60-year-old resident from West Virginia was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant held by the U.S. Marshal’s Office. He was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

May 10, 10:30 p.m.: Officers assisting rangers with after-hours patrol of Semiahmoo Park found a large night-time party in progress on the beach on the west side of the facility. Several adults there were consuming alcoholic beverages around a campfire while a gaggle of small kids played around another fire nearby. They were advised that the park closed at sunset, open fires were not permitted on the beach, and consuming alcohol in public was illegal. The group apologized and explained they’d not known about the regulations. No pre-arranged designated drivers were in attendance, and an officer provided portable breath tests to those who wanted to make sure they were OK to ferry their families home. After everyone had departed, the officer policed the beach, made certain the fires were fully extinguished, secured the garbage that had been left behind and returned to patrol.

May 11, 9 a.m.: An officer on patrol investigated an apparently abandoned vehicle parked at the curb on a residential side street without license plates. The car turned out to belong to a relative of a nearby resident, and was being stored on the right-of-way pending repairs. The homeowner was advised that vehicles parked on public right-of-way had to be currently licensed and in running condition as streets could not be used for vehicle storage.

May 11, 6:35 p.m.: Police responded to a loud domestic dispute in progress at a residence, and arrived to find several people yelling at each other. The officers calmed everyone down and discovered that no crimes had been committed other than the disorder conduct. The participants promised to tone it down, and no further calls were received.

May 11, 7:03 p.m.: Police responded to report of vandalism at a house caused by a projectile hitting a sliding glass door, and examined the spider web cracks over the entire surface of the door’s safety glass. An officer determined the origin of the shot and contacted a parent and a teenager who admitted to shooting at a can nearby. It appears a BB or pellet either ricocheted or missed its mark and struck the door. The owner, suspect and parent all reached an agreement about covering the cost of the damages and a warning about illegal use of the pellet gun was issued.

May 12, 8:21 a.m.: Officers on patrol observed a vehicle driving at twice the posted speed limit on a narrow two-lane road with other traffic nearby. They stopped the car and its teenaged driver, who was racing along with an 8-year-old child in a back seat. The motorist was arrested for reckless driving and released with a criminal citation and a mandatory court date.

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