Blaine School District to cancel classes for one day

The Blaine School District will be closed Friday, April 24 so teachers can participate in a regional teacher’s walkout demonstration.

Teachers in the Blaine Education Association voted today, April 17, to participate in the Washington Education Association’s walkout. The stated purpose of the demonstration is to allow teachers to attend various rallies protesting poor education funding from the state. Ron Spanjer, superintendent of the Blaine school district, said the state legislature is the focus of the demonstration, not the school district.

More than 2,600 teachers from 8 school districts, including Bellingham and Ferndale, have committed to the walkout.

Spanjer said the lost day of school will be made up at a later date. He and his staff are trying to determine if support staff, including bus drivers, can be made available on May 4, a day previously scheduled as a teacher workday. If so, the district will reschedule the workday. Otherwise the school is considering June 10 as the makeup date.

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  1. Not being sarcastic but what good does having a one day walkout do…if the day is going to have to be made up….sounds like it causes more issues for the parents and students.

  2. It takes courage to forfeit a day’s pay (average $369) for this cause. After all, the union contract requires the Blaine School Board to dock a day’s pay:
    “During the life of the contract, the association agrees that under no circumstances will it or any of its members authorize, sanction, condone, acquiesce in or take part in any strike or work stoppage of any kind or nature. Strike and work stoppages shall be deemed to include slowdowns, sit–ins, concerted mass sickness or any curtailment of work or interference with the operations of the school district, including picketing or demonstrations of any kind, during working hours. In the event of any strike, slowdown or other interference with operations of the district by any of the certificated employees, the association shall use all of its efforts and influence to stop the disruptive activities. For every day absent from work as a result of activities outlined herein, the Board shall exercise the specific remedy of deducting from each certificated employee so engaged, one day’s pay.” Pg 1

    Encourage your school board to look out for the interests of students and families by fulfilling their contract obligations. Contact the Board at


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