Blaine Police reports, March 24- April 13

March 24, 2:11 a.m.: In late March a couple returned to Blaine after a weekend trip to find that their home had been burglarized and used as a party house by the criminals. Blaine Police were called and initiated an investigation, and with the family’s help an inventory catalogued losses of over $2,000 in stolen, vandalized or consumed property. Evidence was collected and officers identified suspects. More than 60 people have so far been interviewed. To date 11 teenagers from the Blaine and Birch Bay area have been arrested or referred for prosecution for felony and misdemeanor crimes committed at the home. Restitution to the victims is being sought. Some of the suspects used social media to plan the event, starting several days before the break-in.

April 7, 3:30 p.m.: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) contacted Blaine Police for assistance in obtaining written statements from Blaine residents who were witness to a sexual assault in B.C. An officer contacted the people as requested, obtained written statements from them and returned this information to the RCMP unit investigating the crime.

April 8, 10:11 a.m.: An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding on the I-5 freeway southbound near the truck route. He discovered the violator also had unpaid tickets and his driving privilege was suspended in Washington. The man was arrested for the criminal license violation and released with a mandatory court appearance date, and issued a citation for his new speeding violation. A friend was called to drive the violator’s vehicle so it would not have to be impounded.

April 8, 1:33 p.m.: A person called the police department to report that an elderly woman who lives near Birch Bay and suffers from dementia had been seen walking alone near Bell Road and Peace Portal. The Sheriff’s office was advised of the information in case she had headed that direction, and Blaine officers searched that area of the city for two hours without success. A call to the home where the woman lives with relatives was not answered.

April 8, 3:04 p.m.: An officer on patrol recognized a pedestrian who has an active warrant through Blaine Municipal Court. The officer confirmed the warrant, arrested the 22-year-old man and booked him in to jail. The jail staff requested that the officer take the man for a medical check of an injury he reportedly received some days earlier. At the hospital the staff advised it would take several hours to complete their evaluation. They were asked to notify police when the man was ready for release, and the officer returned to patrol in Blaine. When they did not hear back for some time an officer called the hospital and was advised that they did not notify police of the criminal’s release as they felt it violated privacy rules. It appears the staff did give the arrestee back his green inmate clothing to put on before he left their care. The court is issuing fresh warrants for the suspect, on the original and new charges.

April 8, 4:44 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to a residence where an intoxicated adult with outstanding warrants was hiding. The arriving officers found the man had already fled the home. U.S. Border Patrol units in the area assisted in a search and the 44-year-old Blaine resident was found, arrested and booked in to jail.

April 9, 1 p.m.: A passerby called 911 to report that a group of men wearing camouflage clothing and carrying weapons were walking down H Street near Lincoln Park. An officer and Border Patrol were in the area at the time (not wearing camo) and checked the area for approximately 20 minutes without success. The caller had said the men had not been aggressive or committing crimes but were just an unexpected sight. Police kept an eye on the area and no other calls were received.

April 9, 2:43 p.m.: A man called police to report having had a confrontation with another man inside a business. He explained that about 30 minutes earlier he had a verbal dispute with a man who escalated by displaying a box cutter. The incident concluded when the reporting party mentioned to the other that he carried a concealed pistol license. After that the box cutter left on foot. Police searched the area and did not locate the other party. A report was completed pending further developments.

April 10, 2:07 a.m.: A person called Blaine Police to report a large teenage drinking party where some kids were passed out and others were cavorting on a house’s roof. The suspect house was outside the city limits in a Birch Bay area development and Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office was notified. They had only one deputy available and asked Blaine Police to assist. The assistance was provided.

April 11, 9:50 p.m.: Blaine Police contacted a transient sleeping alongside Peace Portal Drive. A records check revealed the man had a warrant out of Bellingham for indecent exposure. The transient was arrested and transported to Whatcom County Jail. His belongings were placed into safekeeping and his shopping cart will be returned to the Bellingham store that owns it.

April 12, 3:33 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of loud yelling and breaking glass at an apartment building. Officers arrived to stop the violence and investigate. They determined they had probable cause to arrest a 17-year-old male for domestic violence and malicious mischief. He was booked into juvenile detention.

April 13, 3:12 p.m.: Officers responded to a residence in Semiahmoo when the homeowner returned from some daytime errands to find the home had been burglarized in the few hours they were away. Police searched the home, determined no one was still inside and started an investigation. Several small valuables were taken and an inventory is being been compiled.

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