Help your lawn thrive through the growing season

Image1By Angee Bolick

Spring has arrived and lawns are waking from winter slumber. Proper spring maintenance and a little TLC should help your lawn thrive throughout the growing season.

Do you have moss growing in your lawn? Many factors promote lawn moss growth: compacted soil, poor drainage, low soil PH, shade and poor air circulation. Moss growth can be reduced by providing proper drainage, fertilizer, aeration, adding iron and adding lime to sweeten the soil. You may consider having a soil sample taken to identify your lawn’s condition.

If you have never aerated your lawn, you could be hindering its growth. Aeration is a must with any lawn care regimen. It is vital in helping to maintain a healthy, beautiful, green lawn. Aeration supports weed control, improves the soil structure, creates growth pockets for new root systems and helps to maximize water and fertilizer absorption.

Angee Bolick works with North County Lawn Care in Custer.

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