Young at heart

By Lorrie Conyac

Aren’t you tired of all the ads on TV about diets that are guaranteed to help you lose excess weight? I am. The good news is Blaine boasts a place where, at a fraction of the cost of a TV diet, you can eat a nutritional lunch, exercise, stretch, read, watch a movie, take a class, paint, play pool, play bingo, try Tai Chi and more. We’re fortunate to have the Blaine Senior Center (BSC) to provide seniors a place to socialize and stay active.

Over the next few months, through this column, we’re going to explore the healthy side and the fun aspects of the BSC. You’ll meet some of our members, read funny stories and come to understand a unique, safe place for people to come together. You will undoubtedly come to appreciate how lucky we are to have the various partners that make BSC possible.

This month let’s take a look at the BSC weight training facility. The facility has 12 weight machines for a total body workout. In addition to the weight machines, there are treadmills, recumbent bikes, elliptical machines, a rowing machine and free weights.

The weight room also has a small, unassuming little piece of equipment I’m convinced was invented during medieval times. It’s called a tibia dorsal flexion machine and in spite of how awful it is to use, it may be the best piece of equipment in the room for keeping your ankles strong and helping your balance. Only members of the BSC are eligible to use the weight training facility, so here is how you become a member:

All men and women at least 50 years old may join the Blaine Senior Center at the low cost of $35 per year. Before using the weight training room, members are required to take a six-week training course ($60) that will give him or her a good starting point to develop a weekly training schedule. Trainees meet three times a week for instruction and support. Each class offers the opportunity to meet new friends and training partners and to form long-term friendships. The training is geared each individual, so don’t be shy.

The weight room is available Monday through Saturday. But beware of BSC board members cruising the exercise room, looking for new candidates to sit on the board. Ah, but that story is for another column.

Call the Blaine Senior Center at 332-8040. The staff is there to answer your questions, show you around when you come in for an initial visit and provide a schedule of events for the current month. For more information about the Blaine Senior Center, visit us online at

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