Plots available in Blaine Community Garden


For Charles Kelm, the Blaine Community Garden on G Street offers a sunny, peaceful place to work in the dirt and grow delicious organic produce. He says many plants fare better here than in his shaded yard.

Several plots in the community garden are available to aspiring green thumbs for the upcoming growing season. A 20’x12′ plot, along with access to water and gardening tools, costs $12 per year.

“People can garden at any time, and rototilling is available to anyone who wants it,” Kelm said.

Gardeners are encouraged to keep their plots relatively weed-free to prevent the spread of seeds, and to refrain from using chemical fertilizers and non-organic pesticides. The soil, which tends to be clay-ish, gets a boost of organic compost most years.

“With amendments, the soil is pretty good,” Kelm said. “I’ve had some good luck. After a rain, the area stays wet for awhile, which can be a challenge.”

Kelm has gardened in the Blaine Community Garden for four years. Aside from the ample sunlight, he said one of his favorite things about the community garden is its location.

“Because it’s close to the ocean you get sea breezes and you can hear the seagulls. It can be very therapeutic,” he said.

The garden is located just west of the Blaine Senior Center on G Street. Those interested in claiming a plot should call Kelm at 360/220-1870.

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