Alaska Airlines reducing flights out of Bellingham

By Steve Guntli

Alaska Airlines is cutting summer flights to Las Vegas and Honolulu from its regular service out of Bellingham International Airport (BIA).

Beginning June 6, the airline will fly to those locations on a seasonal basis. Outside of the winter season, Alaska will only offer six flights a day out of BIA, five to Seattle and one to Portland, Oregon.

The announcement marks the second time in a month an airline has reduced flights out of BIA. In early February, Frontier Airlines announced it would no longer offer seasonal direct flights to Denver, Colorado.

According to Bobbie Egan, a spokesperson for Alaska, the airline is cutting the routes due to a decreased demand during the summer months. This also gives the company the chance to reroute its larger Boeing 737 planes to busier markets out east. Alaska will resume flights to Honolulu, Maui and Las Vegas from November to March. The Maui flights were already on a seasonal basis.

The declining number of flights out of Bellingham may have to do with the struggling Canadian dollar. The loonie is currently valued at 79 cents on the U.S. dollar. According to the Port of Bellingham, 55 percent of passengers flying out of BIA are Canadian.

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