Local couple helps dispose of unwanted junk

Any homeowner can lament on how quickly junk can pile up around the house, but a new local business can help them get rid of that mess.

Mandy Snow and her husband, Tad Shetler, started Junk Removal Solutions about a year ago, but only started advertising it recently. Together, the two haul garbage, lawn debris, construction materials, scrap metal and sometimes broken-down vehicles.

Snow and Shetler sort through the materials they pick up and determine where best to dispose of them.

“If we get a lot of scrap metal, we make sure to recycle it,” Snow said. “If things are still in good condition, we’ll clean them up and donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.”

Junk Removal Services’ rates vary based on what’s being hauled out. Snow also offers a housecleaning service for $20 an hour.

Snow, a Blaine native, and Shetler, from Acme, have lived n Blaine for about five years.

In addition to the junk removal business, Shetler works doing landscaping in the area. The couple hopes to be able to work the junk removal business full-time.

“We eventually want to grow it until it’s a full time job,” she said. “And we want it to be a family business for our two kids.”

To contact Junk Removal Services, call 483-7623.

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