Repairs planned for embankment near Terrell Creek mouth

By Ian Ferguson


Whatcom County public works managers have reached the permitting stage to repair a failing bulkhead and eroding embankment Terrellnear the mouth of Terrell Creek in Birch Bay.

The bulkhead is on the northern bank of a short channel that leads to a tide gate and culvert under Birch Bay Drive. The tide gate is designed to close during high tides to prevent flooding of lowland areas near Lora Lane, and to open during low tides to allow drainage of those areas.

No work is required on the tide gate itself, but the adjacent bulkhead no longer protects the embankment from erosion. A public walkway passes over the embankment, and the erosion of the bank is becoming a safety hazard, according to officials.

“The embankment is eroding and the existing bulkhead is failing,” said project engineer Amelia Seagrave. “The embankment needs to be repaired in order to restore safe access to the public pedestrian trail.”

The project is slated to begin and end during the summer of 2015.

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