UPDATE: Former Blaine police officer’s uniforms and weapons stolen

By Steve Guntli

UPDATE: Blaine Police Chief Mike Haslip said there is no indication that the uniforms or weapons that were stolen were Blaine police issue. Reinhart, who trained as a volunteer reserve officer before moving to Arizona, returned all of his training materials to the Blaine station’s inventory on November 9. Presently, neither Haslip nor the Portland Police Department can confirm if Reinhart had anything with the BPD insignia in his possession at the time his vehicle was stolen.

A former Blaine police officer was robbed in Portland, Oregon, and his police uniform and weapons are still missing.


Garret Reinhart was on his way to Arizona last week to begin a new job with another law enforcement agency. His truck and a U-Haul trailer were stolen from the parking lot of the Jupiter Hotel on East Burnside Street in Portland on November 14.

The truck and trailer contained all of Reinhart’s possessions, including the remains of a family member.

The trailer and most of Reinhart’s belongings were recovered the next day, but he is still missing his police uniform, a bulletproof vest, ammunition and weapons, as well as his laptop and other electronic devices.

Portland police are still investigating the theft, but they currently have no suspects. Check thenorthernlight.com for developments in the story.

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