Police Reports: November 6 – 12, 2014

October 27, 4:12 p.m.: Police responded to a fender-bender in a business parking lot in the 1700 block of H Street. Officers arrived and stood by while the two involved parties shared insurance information. The driver at fault explained she had accidentally backed into the front of the other vehicle. The collision was non-reportable as it resulted in only a minor scrape to one of the vehicle’s bumpers.

October 28, 10:52 a.m.: An apartment complex manager called police after finding several broken locks on the ground near their bicycle parking area. The reporting party did not know which bikes were missing or who they belonged to, and so was posting a notice to all tenants asking them to call the police department if they had been victimized. So far one person reported losing their bike, a black and white TC100-brand 21-speed bike valued at $200. Police are investigating.

October 28, 6:44 p.m.: A U.S. Border Patrol agent on duty in Blaine spotted a woman who had fallen and suffered an injury at a service station, and radioed police officers to respond. Officers assisted the victim until medical aid arrived to evaluate and transport her to hospital.

October 28, 10:54 p.m.: Two neighbors in Alder Street had been having an ongoing disagreement when one party called police after finding that the front license plate had been pulled from his car. Officers were dispatched to the vandalism report, learned of the dispute and investigated. The other party denied damaging the victim’s car. No probable cause for a crime was established, and the parties were counseled about the advantages of leaving one another in peace.

October 29, 8:54 a.m.: Police were dispatched when a school official discovered one of the middle school students arriving for class appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. An officer arrived to find the disappointed parents already discussing the problem with their child. A sports drink bottle the youngster brought to school tested positive for alcohol, and a police report was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

October 29, 1:21 p.m.: A Blaine police officer assisted U.S. Border Patrol field agents as they investigated an incident in which two people jumped the border northbound from a wooded area in east Blaine into Surrey, B.C. A canine unit successfully tracked the pair and RCMP took them into custody.

October 29, 1:46 p.m.: A Mitchell Street resident came to the police department to report that Halloween decorations had been stolen from outside her home. An officer met with the victim, documented the crime and posted information about it to all officers for their neighborhood patrols.

October 29, 1:56 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a loud music complaint on F Street between 6th and 8th streets, and followed the noise to its source, a resident in his mid 30s who proudly announced he had just installed new, bigger, better speakers in his car. He explained he thought the volume of his music would not be a problem since it was only midafternoon. The officer in turn explained that three of his neighbors had independently called police to express the depth of their dismay. The audiophile apologized and turned down the sound, and police didn’t receive further calls.

October 29, 5:04 p.m.: A customer went to visit an office in Blaine, and while there became agitated and hostile to the point that employees grew concerned for the safety of their coworker who was working with the man. Police were alerted to the incident and are investigating the workplace safety matter.

October 30, 1:16 p.m.: A Blaine resident contacted police to report the theft of his tablet computer. A possible suspect was identified, and an officer is investigating. The owner is in the process of completing a written statement.

October 31, 12:55 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a non-injury collision on H Street and 14th. An officer arrived and found one damaged vehicle blocking a lane of traffic and another stopped nearby. No one was injured in the crash, which occurred when a car came east on H Street then turned north onto 14th, striking a car that was westbound on H Street in the process. One car had to be towed from the scene, and a state collision investigation report was completed.

October 31, 3:14 p.m.: A student reported the theft of his wallet from his daypack at Blaine High School. The blue leather Superman wallet contained several pieces of ID, including driver’s license and social security card.

October 31, 9:46 p.m.: An officer spotted a vehicle parked unattended in the road on 6th Street and investigated. He discovered an assault had taken place, and arrested the 40-year-old Blaine resident who was responsible. She was released after processing with a mandatory summons to appear in municipal court.

October 31, 11:17 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a Blaine business for a report of lost passports and currency. Officers arrived and learned that the items were likely stolen. They investigated and interviewed people of interest in the matter. No suspects have been identified in the theft, which is estimated at about $1,500.

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