Keep pets happy and healthy this holiday season

The holiday season can mean new routines, new décor and new foods in your home. While these temporary changes can be exciting for people, they can also be hazardous to pets.

“The extended holiday season is no excuse to take a vacation from being a great pet parent,” said Dr. Jeff Werber, Hollywood’s “vet to the stars.”

Keeping your dog happy and healthy this holiday season is easy, Werber said. Here are some of his seasonal pet-care tips:

Keep curious pets focused: Most pets will be curious about the tinsel, ornaments and ribbons of the season. Since most decorations are not pet-friendly, keep them beyond reach and take necessary precautions and keep your pets focused on something they truly enjoy.

Train your pet away from the table: If your dog begs at the dinner table every night, chances are it will be begging at the holiday dinner table. With new people over and different kinds of food falling to the floor, it will be important to prevent distractions during dinner. Use healthy treats as a training tool to keep your dog away from guests’ dinner plates.

Give your pet extra love: During the holidays your routine will likely change. Your dog will be able to tell, but not know why. As you are out shopping or attending a holiday party, your pet might be missing out on his usual attention. Show your pet some love by setting some time aside for daily playtime or an extra walk. FidoHolidayArtC0711_M_150_C_Y

The holidays are all about sharing time with friends and family. Don’t forget your beloved pet in the shuffle.

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