Police Reports: October 1 – October 7, 2014

October 1, 3:58 p.m.: A passerby called to report that it smelled like several young people were smoking marijuana in the yard of a residence. Officers arrived and contacted a group of kids attempting to build a swing for some younger children. The odor of marijuana was not present and there was no evidence of drug use among the people who were contacted.

October 1, 4:07 p.m.: A Ferndale police officer attempted to stop a motorcycle traveling at over 100 mph northbound on the freeway. The motorcyclist continued driving north while weaving in and out of traffic. The officer requested assistance from available sheriff’s deputies and Blaine units. An officer responded and the motorcycle was stopped at the I-5 off-ramp at Birch Bay-Lynden Road. Ferndale police arrested the man and his motorcycle impounded.

October 2, 4:51 p.m.: Blaine police received a referral from child protective services regarding a possible domestic assault and requested a welfare check of the occupants at a Blaine residence. Officers determined that an act of malicious mischief occurred with significant property damage. The primary aggressor was arrested and booked in to jail.

October 2, 6:25 p.m.: A Blaine resident contacted police regarding two extremely intoxicated individuals near Peace Portal and F streets. An officer arrived in the area and found an intoxicated Custer resident passed out supine on the sidewalk. The officer requested medical aid after finding a contusion on the back of the man’s head from his apparent fall from his feet to the sidewalk. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

October 2, 11:59 p.m.: Blaine Police Department received a citizen’s complaint of two vehicles on 3rd Street with expired registration. Officers tagged each vehicle as abandoned. If they are not removed or properly licensed as required they will be impounded.

October 3, 11:36 a.m.: A person attempting to enter Canada forgot that he had an old shotgun in his RV and was denied entry as long as he possessed the firearm. The thwarted traveler came to the police department to abandon the weapon, as it was more trouble than it was worth. An officer impounded the weapon and placed it into safekeeping until it can be destroyed.

October 3, 5:20 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to a two-car non-injury collision at a Blaine business. The officer arrived and found that one motorist was backing and did not see the vehicle passing by from behind. The drivers exchanged information and a report was made documenting the collision.

October 3, 10:11 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a barking dog complaint in a Blaine neighborhood. Officers arrived and located two great Danes barking in a fenced backyard. The owner arrived home while officers were there, and was advised of the problem. He was surprised to learn his pets had been disruptive and promised to resolve the problem.

October 4, 4:40 p.m.: A person called to report that she felt that her ex-boyfriend was violating a temporary parenting plan by asking her to show proof of insurance before driving away with their kids. She also stated that her ex-boyfriend’s mother was disciplining the children and that she was not supposed to do that. An officer spoke to both parties and advised them to inform their respective advocates of the concerns and that no crimes were committed.

October 5, 10:40 a.m.: Officer received a phone call from a Canadian citizen who said he stopped in Blaine the day before to get a snack then drove to the Marysville area and bought some items, using his credit card at both places. When the man returned to Canada he received a call from his credit card company reporting some online purchases the caller did not authorize. It’s not known where the person’s credit card account was compromised.

October 5, 6:44 p.m.: An employee of a British Columbia trucking firm called police to report a hit and run to a semi trailer that had been parked at a Blaine business on Boblett Street. The damage was documented and a report was taken. There is no known suspect.

October 5, 7:21 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to a Blaine business for a report of a man yelling obscenities towards patrons and store workers. The officer made contact with the transient who advised that he was working for the Central Intelligence Agency and conducting interviews for them. The man was trespassed from the business property and he advised the officer he would catch a bus out of town first thing in the morning to his next secret assignment.

October 6, 9:34 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to the Peace Arch port of entry for a person found to be in possession of methamphetamine. Officers arrived, investigated, then arrested and booked the 34-year-old Seattle resident into jail.

October 7, 8:06 p.m.: The sheriff’s office asked for assistance monitoring a reckless driving complaint on Crest Drive at H Street. An officer checked the area for the black Dodge Charger causing the problem but did not locate it. All officers were advised of the complaint for their enforcement activities.

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