Letters to the Editor: October 2 – October 8, 2014

The Editor:

Over a month ago the Blaine community lost one the most rabid sports and Borderite fans, Brad “Brose” Ambrose, to liver disease. Brad left behind his now 1-year-old son Ryder, his partner Susan Sanders, the Ambrose family members and all his close friends and relatives.

On Saturday, September 27, the Blaine community assisted in putting on a tremendous fundraiser for Brose’s family. The amount of money raised and the support of our community was just overwhelming to say the least. A very special thank you goes to Mary Lee Hill and her staff at the Pastime Tavern for offering and hosting this special event. A big kudos shout-out as well to the JP Falcon Band for the live music played.

Lots of gourmet food and treats were brought in and donated by members of our community and family friends for all the guests to enjoy. Well over 100 items were donated for a silent auction, which was held earlier in the evening.

The list of thanks for this tremendous event is way too numerous to mention, especially with all of the Blaine community and Ambrose family friends who donated both their time and auction items to the event with generosity. I’d like to once again thank each of you involved in making this quite a successful fundraising event and for making all of us proud to be a part of this great community, and the support showed by all.

I, for one, could not be any more proud to have been a friend of Brose, a Blaine Borderite, and to have been a part of this special evening in our town of Blaine, benefiting not only Brad’s son Ryder, but in honoring Brose and his entire family with this sensational Blaine community-supported event.

Steve Miller, athletic coordinator

Blaine School District


The Editor:

On September 3, Pam Smith and her crew at the Dakota Creek Golf and Country Club joined with the Alternative Humane Society of Whatcom County (AHS) to host the third annual “Divots for the Dogs” fun night. We all had a great time.

AHS would like to thank the hole sponsors: Gene Hanacek, Ameriprise Financial, Colleen Dudley, Blaine Enterprises, Mark Yonkovich, Whatcom County Remax, Jennie Pietrzak, Banner Bank at Barkley and Dave Koehler, Signs by Tomorrow. Signs by Tomorrow also donated all the signage for the event.

St. Moritz Watch Co. donated the prize for the “Puttin’ for the Pups” contest.

Please keep your eye on our website to see future fun events: alternativehumanesociety.com.

Clare Nurre



The Editor:

Congratulations to Blaine’s own Robert McDermott for his beautiful artistry in creating the bronze statue of inspired community leader John Joseph Donovan that was unveiled in Fairhaven last week. His efforts go a long way in reminding us of our area’s history.

I find it curious, however, that the city of Bellingham has never seen fit to honor its namesake in like manner. Bellingham Bay, hence the city of Bellingham, was named by Captain George Vancouver in 1792 after Sir William Bellingham, who was the controller of the British Royal Navy at the time of the Vancouver expedition.

A stroll through downtown Bellingham reveals questionable works of “art,” a totem pole and canoe enshrined in front of the courthouse, but no monument for its namesake, even on city hall grounds.

Patrick J. Guimond



The Editor:

An article in last week’s issue of The Northern Light stated, “The approximate street value of the drugs is estimated to be around $500,000. Agents believe the drugs were being shipped into Canada, where the street value would have been more than $1 million.”

Is it any wonder that Canadians flock to Washington to shop?

Tony Shellin

Surrey, B.C.


Dear Editor:

As a former Blaine resident, I would like to express my support for Seth Fleetwood, a candidate for 42nd district senator who I know will work hard to build bridges between good, hard-working legislators on both sides of the aisle in Olympia.

I spent the past year working as a legislative aide and had the opportunity to get a first-hand glimpse of the kind of partisan grandstanding that is keeping our state government from doing its job. Earlier this year, the Republican-controlled Senate not only vowed to block a majority of Democratic bills but it also refused to pass a capital budget for 2014.

Their inaction not only impacted the quality of education offered at our K-12 and higher education institutions but it also cost us high-paying construction jobs across the state.

Like Seth, I believe some of the most important legislation is bipartisan legislation. But when voters elect people who hate government into office, they shouldn’t be surprised when government stops working. And a government that doesn’t work doesn’t serve anyone.

Washington state is one of the least corrupt of all state governments, second only to Oregon, according to a recent study by Indiana University Bloomington, which used U.S. Justice Department data. But we still have problems.

There are more than 650 corporate tax loopholes, costing us $6.5 billion in forgone revenue each year. Some of these tax breaks may be necessary but the majority is outdated and should be closed. I know Seth will work to end unnecessary loopholes to fund the things our state desperately needs from K-12 education to higher education and transportation projects to fix our crumbling infrastructure and traffic congestion problems.

The 42nd district needs a candidate who hasn’t sold their soul to big oil, the American Legislative Exchange Coalition (ALEC) and corporate campaign contributors. We need someone real. We need Seth Fleetwood.

Tara Nelson



The Editor:

When you cast your vote in November for state representative consider the following:

For the past 30 years, Seattle liberals have controlled the legislature, and their track record is abysmal. They have gutted educational funding, raised college tuition every single year since 1986, and raised taxes too many times to count.

A vote for Satpal Sidhu, Seth Fleetwood and Joy Monjure will ensure that Seattle liberals will continue to control our state House of Representatives. If elected, their first vote will most certainly be cast to keep the current Seattle liberal Speaker Frank Chopp in power and the liberal machinery firmly in place.

Please vote against Seattle’s regressive agenda. Keep Satpal Sidhu, Seth Fleetwood and Joy Monjure out of the legislature. Vote for Doug Ericksen, Luanne Van Werven and Vincent Buys.

Bob Kramer


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